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Fear, Confusion, Discouragement, Burnout and Suicides Are Rampant. Let's Change That!

I grew up in a loving family in Switzerland. My childhood heroes were

Heidi and Pollyanna, and I saw the world with rose-colored glasses.

I settled in the US in 1979, became bed-ridden in my 30s,

suffered from depression, hallucinations, was isolated, abused, in a cult, and 

spent 6-month in maximum security for a crime I had not committed. 

I put aside my rose-colored glasses: Evil does exist.

I recovered, and I am now better prepared to help clients suffering

in/from abusive situations, even with exorcism if needed.


Let Me Empower YOU to Confront Your Challenges, Heal Past Trauma, Catch a New Vision, and BECOME THE HERO OF YOUR OWN STORY!

45+ years of Training, Research and Experience

Lead Me to Develop 5 KEYS for TRANSFORMATION,

at a Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit Level

KEY #1 opens the door to Natural Health

to Maintain/Restore Health and Wellness

Your body, the vehicle which takes you from conception to death, needs to be taken care of for best “mileage”.

The basic principles of a healthy lifestyle:

~ Food (nutrition and nourishment) 

~ Cleansing and detoxing safely

~ Movements and exercises for your lifestyle

~ Using the power of nature to restore high energy and balance

~ Sunshine, Rest, Relaxation, Socialization, Fun...

Get my book for an easy start: Eat Well, Live Well, With Energy, Vitality and Focus

KEY #2 opens the door to

Emotional Freedom and Mastery

Master your emotions by releasing old programming and patterns that do not serve you any longer.

Make room for WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

Painlessly let go of fears, phobias, addictions, traumas, grief.

Break free of disempowering beliefs and emotionsAs a side-effect, lingering aches and pains could potentially vanish.

Let emotions flow, as water flows.

Online Course - Click Here

KEY #3 opens the door to

Mental Fitness

Are you the slave or the master of your mind?

Take 90-second breaks to refresh, rejuvenate and set goals.

Sharpen your conscious mind so that it can direct your subconscious mind.

Retrain your brain to do your bidding.

Use innovation or a tiny-step approach to accomplish big goals/

KEY #4 opens the door to

The Power of the Mind in Healing

Be guided and dive deep into the sub/unconscious mind, so you can bring back pearls of wisdom... Rise above your challenges to get a bird's eye view

Retrieve patterns and programming that no longer serve you and delete or transform them.

Change the meaning of the stories you tell yourself.

Dialogue with your symptoms and your challenges to get the wisdom you need to overcome them.

Tap into the power of “the field” to get ideas, wisdom and the energy to propel you forward

Let me be Your Guide!

KEY #5 opens the door to

Love, Life and Miracles

Where Science meets Spirit

Your world may be turned upside-down with the new discoveries in quantum physics.

It can be scary, but also quite exciting.

These new discoveries are revolutionizing our concept of space and time.

When you vibrate at the “love frequency” and you are WHO YOU TRULY ARE, you can expect miracles. Be ready to step into “another world” while journeying on Planet Earth.

Meaning and fulfillment await.

5 Keys to Journey from Where You Are to

Who You Truly Are

BE GUIDED and THRIVE on Planet Earth!

Dr. Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD, Professor of Traditional and Quantum Naturopathy

45+ Years of training and experience in Switzerland, France and the United States

Coach, facilitator, Certified ADA advocate, InterActive Imagery Guide, Hypnotist and PsychoLegal Trauma Therapist

Do-It-Yourself E-Learning Programs

Group and Personal Coaching

Workshops, Webinars

Corporate Training


  • Your Mind Learns Better When It Plays:

    Start With 3 Simple Techniques

    You can practice them where you want, when you want and with whom you want... or in secret.

  • As an educator, coach and trainer, I offer a cocktail of cutting edge strategies and techniques for personal development, stress and anxiety relief

  • I combine facets of Psychoanalysis, Energy Psychology, NLP-NeuroLinguistic Programming, InterActive Guided Imagery, Hypnosis, NeuroScience, Brain Plasticity, as well as elements of quantum science.

  • As a Phoenix Rising and Thriving, you will transcend a life of victimhood or setbacks to a life of victory, joy and efficiency.

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    You will learn :

    1. A technique working with your imagination

    2. A technique to reduce an energetic and emotional charge

    3. A technique combining body and imagination to set a problem aside.

    Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD