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3 BreakThrough Mind Techniques

Every day life offers us challenges during which we can practice different techniques that will be useful when we get confronted with a bigger challenge (and we will). Let these techniques become automatic to make your life more relaxing and joyful.

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7 Energy Thieves and Why They Matter

Feeling tired all the time?

Want to perform better?

What is your lack of energy costing you?

Follow these 7 steps to be more effective at managing your energy


Activate the Healing Power Within

Written a few years ago (i.e. some links are no longer valid) yet this book is still contemporary and fun.

Listen to recordings with embedded healing frequencies and to Swiss music, tour Zermatt, visit Paris, Kathmandu and Darjeeling, learn about my 5 Keys and

my life journey.

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Look at the Picture Above

Start with your results: Are you happy with your life? Are you on target? Then climb the ladder to find where you may experience a breakdown. If you would like to get deeper into finding your true purpose and/or the programming that may be a problem, contact me for a BREAKTHROUGH!

Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD